Our search for the perfect
Coffee Free Coffee

Coffee Free Coffee

We love coffee. We also love our planet. As food technologists succeed in making meat without animals, we asked ourselves: can we make coffee without beans that only grow in the tropics? What if we could make our favourite elixir from local ingredients? The first results are delicious, and we’re just getting started.

Exploring the future of coffee

We’re proud of how coffee-like our first release is, but we’ll continue our research. Much like the early days of meat alternatives and data platforms, there’s no telling yet what the winning technology and product will be. We’re exploring traditional and high-tech approaches — from a botanical quest of melanges and fermentation, to high-tech optimisation of blending and roasting. We currently have two patents pending.

The journey continues…

As true explorers, we’re in pursuit of researching all components in all edible non-tropical plants. From our lab at the World Food Center, we continue to work closely with Wageningen University & Research and our leading food technology partners. Together we try to find answers to our central question: what molecules are promising building blocks to mimic that signature coffee flavour?

Our journey has just begun

In 2021 we started our quest, looking for promising building blocks to mimic the coffee flavour.
End 2022, our filter blend and nespresso compatible capsules are so coffee-like, we start selling.
We’ll continue our product development. Expected to be released soon: espresso blend and cold brew.
With our long term R&D we’ll focus on a whole bean product and improve all initial product releases.