Coffee is a leading cause of deforestation,
so we’re creating coffee from non-tropical ingredients.

We are a food technology company that makes coffee from local ingredients. With our innovation we combat deforestation.

We love coffee. We also love keeping it local.
So we’re creating coffee from local plants.

the bitter truth

As the global demand for coffee increases, so do coffee plantations destroying -rainforests at a critical rate. Recent research from WWF ranks coffee as number 6 on the list of leading causes of deforestation.

In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, we’re currently getting to the bottom of this; investigating the deeper consequences of increasing coffee production. The first results are alarming. We enjoy our daily shot of energy at the expense of our planet’s biodiversity.

Over the years, we’ve seen beautiful initiatives such as the stimulation of organic plantations or increasing the coffee yield per hectare. However, the reality is that in order to really combat deforestation, these evolutions are not enough.

We need more than an evolution of coffee,
we need a revolution, too.

coffee free

As food technologists succeed to make meat without animals, we ask ourselves: can we make coffee without beans? What if we could make our favourite elixir from local ingredients?

Coffee is a unique gift of nature. Whether you adore your filter coffee at home, prefer a barista’s cappuccino or an Italian espresso at the bar – nothing should change about those delicious moments.

We want everyone to keep enjoying their beloved coffee rituals, minus the aftertaste of deforestation.

Energising. Sustainable. Combating deforestation.
But most of all: delicious.
Bottoms up.

the future of coffee

As true explorers, we’re on a quest to research all components in all edible non-tropical plants. From our lab at the World Food Center, we work in close collaboration with Wageningen University & Research and our leading food technology partners to find answers to our big question: what molecules are promising building blocks to mimic that signature coffee flavour?

In the coming years, we’ll pour ourselves into developing a delicious cup of coffee, indistinguishable from what you’re currently enjoying.

product releases

Phase 1
We’re currently finetuning the beta version of our Coffee Free Coffee innovation. Very soon, we’ll start testing the first outcomes. Subscribe below to become part of our taste panel.
Phase 2
Next, we will release our 1.0 version: a very much coffee-like product made out of non-tropical ingredients – available to a broader audience.
Phase 3
It doesn’t stop with the release of the 1.0 version. In the following years, our Research & Development team will continue their quest for the perfect formula. Testing and releasing updates, until we find a truly indistinguishable coffee imitation.

In each of these phases we will produce all usual coffee variants: espresso and filter grinds, compostable capsules, solubles and a range of specialties.

. .

identical to your daily brew,
without the bleak side effects.

We love coffee.
we also love the rainforest.

so we’re creating coffee from non-tropical ingredients.


Join our quest for the perfect, harm-free cup of coffee.

Vacancies at our lab at the World Food Center, located in the Netherlands’ Food Valley.


meet our coffee-loving futurists

We’re four entrepreneurial food professionals, together with our team we sink our teeth into revolutionising the food industry. Leading up to our efforts to combat deforestation with Northern Wonder, we successfully launched Chikko; a single-source coffee substitute, made from roasted chicory. With Northern Wonder, we take it to the next level: investing in the long-term research and development of an indistinguishable coffee-like innovation.

David Klingen

Energised by his vision of a healthier planet, David spends his days reshaping our food industry’s unsustainable processes. After the worldwide success of his clarified butter brand Ghee-Easy, he now pours his energy into revolutionising the perfect cup of coffee: “The ultimate goal is improvement without compromising on taste.”

Onno Franse
Research & Development

With over 40 years of experience in the food industry, Onno is a walking encyclopedia with an incredible network in R&D. Besides his technical knowledge, he knows how to translate products into branding that resonates. Onno is always 10 years ahead of his time; with his clairvoyant vision of sustainability, he’ll lead Northern Wonder’s R&D team into the future.

Andreas Giel

Andreas and David are childhood friends and previously founded Ghee Easy together. Andreas’ passionate hands-on attitude led to multiple COO roles in the fields of food processing and R&D. With a wealth of knowledge about production, IT, supply chain and beyond – he makes sure all processes at Northern Wonder run smoothly.

Bas Franse

A true finance heavy-weight, Bas is responsible for all things money. After many years as Partner at PWC, he followed his venturous spirit out of the building, into a life of entrepreneurship. He’s passionate about Northern Wonder’s potential for growth and so these coming years, Bas will lead Northern Wonder’s fund raising to make that a reality.

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